"Don't Call Me Content Provider"

My own high-tech journey started from the ballpoint pen through the typewriter before arriving now in cyberspace - in the name of LittleSpeck.com - spanning over 40, sometimes tumultaneous, years. Hi! My name is Seah Chiang Nee.

I'm 60, a journalist and I have encountered two miracles. The first took place in 1985 when I underwent a heart transplant in Sydney (See A Transplant Story).

The second is this web-site. I could not have thought it possibl, even three years ago, that I could start a cyber-journal from a little room in the northeast corner of Singapore that can be read anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

Isn't that a good reason to do it? There's another. I wake up every morning sensing the buzz in the air, combustion of the spirit and I want to write about it before I leave this world.

After several years of quiet living, I guess I am craving for a little work punishment. A living organism like this is actually 24-hour work because news never sleeps. Isn't that great?

It is not a business venture, so please don't call me a content provider. It is here for everyone who has an interest in the changes now taking place, in the new life. Please feel free to read and take part in LittleSpeck.com. Four decades of personal journalism will be packed into it.

There's a third reason. The dot.com world doesn't always play with 60-year-olds, so I'd like it to pass a little message to people nearer at my age. Don't be afraid of the Internet, go into it, it is a wonderful life, a great tool. Unlock your experience, your past, tell it so that the younger people can share it.

Let me introduce a little about myself.

I have been a journalist for 40 years, a true-blooded Singaporean, born, bred and hope to die here.

I worked as a Reuters corespondent between 1960-70, based in Singapore but with various assignments in Southeast Asia, including a total of about 40 months in (then South) Vietnam between 1966-1970.

After working for the news agency for 10 years, I left to work for Singapore Herald in 1970, first as Malaysia Bureau Chief and later as News Editor before it was forced to close after a run-in with the Singapore Government.

I then left Singapore to work for The Asian, the world's first regional weekly newspaper, based in Bangkok to cover Thailand and Indochina - Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - for two years between 1972-73.

Other jobs: -

1973-74 - News Editor of Hong Kong Standard.

1974-82 -- Foreign Editor, Straits Times, Singapore reporting assignments to Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and The United States.

1982-85 -- Editor, Singapore Monitor.

1986-present - Columnist The Star, Malaysia.



About this site
When informed about the launch of this site, the question from friends invariably was "The dot.com world is coming down fast. Why start another site?"


A Transplant Story
Fifteen years ago, I became the first South-East Asian to undergo a heart transplant


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